Be Courageous. 

Join me for 6 months as we work on your big audacious goals, invest in your confidence and self belief and experience unrivalled personal, professional and emotional growth. 

COACHES: Play bigger in all aspects of your business and step into your next level growth

LEADERS: Redefine who you are and what you want as you make big changes


This is for you if

You know, deep down, you're stuck in a number of places

Such as....

Questioning your decisions.

Afraid of failing.


Holding back for fear of being judged.

This is coaching for the Courageous Leader who is ready overcome self doubt and make big changes in their life and career. 


What's Included?


If you're making a big pivot in your career / business, or you're working on some big, audacious goals and are holding back, doubting yourself, unable to go all in, then this is the package for you. 

I'll partner with you over 6 months for radical personal development and ambitious growth.

This package helps you with your inner confidence and self belief, whilst also having someone (me!) who cares deeply about you and your continued growth and success. 

What You'll Get Over The 6 Months

PHASE 1 - DISCOVERY: Transformation starts before you've even had your first session with my discovery and reflection audit. We'll then move into the 1 hour DISCOVERY session where we uncover your hidden potential, explore what's possible for you, clarify your goals and define what's getting in the way.

PHASE 2 - BREAKTHROUGH: Once we've got clear on the results you're looking for, I'll draw from my extensive toolkit of transformational coaching techniques and approaches and facilitate a series of deeply transformational coaching sessions. 

These can include approaches from Transactional Analysis, Cognitive Behavioural Coaching, Neurolinguistic Programming and Relational Coaching and can include specialised techniques such as Hypnosis, HeartHealing™ and Timeline Therapy. 

PHASE 3- AMPLIFY: Having worked through multiple levels of conscious and unconscious thoughts, feelings, beliefs and strategies it's time to explore what you now need to to go boldly after your goals. These Amplify sessions will help you to gain focus, build and develop the strategies you need for success. 

You'll receive a total of 6 sessions. 

Included in this package is....

1 x Discovery and Reflection Audit

1 x 1 Hour "DISCOVERY" Session to uncover your hidden potential

5 x Transformational Coaching Sessions combining both BREAKTHROUGH and AMPLIFY sessions. "BREAKTHROUGH" sessions are designed to heal fractured beliefs and release unresolved emotions, redefine life scripts and breakthrough your hidden blocks. "AMPLIFY" sessions are action focused, looking at strategies, habits and behaviours to support your plans and goals.

Up to 2 Personalised Transformation Recordings to embed your Transformation

Accelerator activities to do between coaching sessions to advance and support your learning

Access to me for support throughout the programme

From Zoe:

"Self doubt keeps us playing small and dishonouring our talent and potential. What's beyond that is magical and exciting."


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Here's what previous clients have shared

"Coaching was best business decision I've made. Your mind is your most powerful tool, and Zoe has an unbelievable understanding of how your brain learns, and how you can change what influences it. I have a new lease of life!"

Henry - Entrepreneur and Photographer

"I used to find it hard to stand my ground and share my ideas and opinions. Coaching has enabled me to find who I am as a leader and I've made huge changes in how I approach my work. I'm so much more confident"

Marina - Senior IT Leader

"Knowing my values helps me to take confidence from my decision making. Coaching helped me recognise that my self doubt is because I push myself so far out of my comfort zone. I'm much more relaxed now and in control of what I want and need. "

Harriet - Investment Director 

Join me today. Play big. Go all in. Be Courageous and create an extraordinary life and career.