Influential, Extraordinary Leadership 

Join me as we work together on your extraordinary leadership.

More impact. More Influence. More Conviction - all with a focus on your wellbeing.


This is for you if

You're ambitious and want to develop as an extraordinary leader in your field. 

You want to feel and be a confident leader, recognised for your contribution, influence and impact

You also want....


To build a strong foundation for your ongoing career growth, prioritise your wellbeing and maximise the fulfilment you get from your career

This is coaching for the Courageous Leader who is ready discover their extraordinary potential and growth.


What's Included?


If you're a leader, perhaps new to role, on a CEO pathway or ready to invest in your leadership growth for more impact and influence then this is the package for you. 

I'll partner with you over 9 hours of coaching for radical personal development and ambitious growth across the Dimensions of Influential Leadership.

This package helps you to lead with conviction and fully step in to your extraordinary capability as a leader.

What you'll get

A total of 9 hours of coaching, access to me throughout the programme and tailored/bespoke coaching activities to accelerate your learning and growth.

How it works

Step 1 - After you sign up, you'll be sent my discovery questionnaire which is a pre coaching questionnaire that forms the basis of our work together. You'll complete this and return it to me.

Step 2 - In the confirmation email you'll also get access to my diary to book your first coaching session. This is a 1 hour discovery session where we clarify your goals, explore what's possible for you, and get to work! We'll also book in the remainder of your sessions.

Step 3 - I'll facilitate a further 8 hours of coaching with you designing a coaching experience with you that suits your learning needs and goals. You may choose to hold these sessions as 8 x 1 hour sessions, or in some other format (45 minutes, 1.5 hours etc - we'll decide that together on our first call)

My toolkit is extensive which means you'll also have access to self coaching activities and recordings to enhance and accelerate your growth, based on your needs and of course you'll have access to me for support throughout the programme.

If you'd like to speak to me first just head to the contact page and we can set up a call. 

From Zoe:

"Our potential is limitless, bound only by the constraints of our mind. What's beyond that is magical and exciting."


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Here's what previous clients have shared

"Coaching was best business decision I've made. Your mind is your most powerful tool, and Zoe has an unbelievable understanding of how your brain learns, and how you can change what influences it. I have a new lease of life!"

Henry - Entrepreneur and Photographer

"I used to find it hard to stand my ground and share my ideas and opinions. Coaching has enabled me to find who I am as a leader and I've made huge changes in how I approach my work. I'm so much more confident"

Marina - Senior IT Leader

"Knowing my values helps me to take confidence from my decision making. Coaching helped me recognise that my self doubt is because I push myself so far out of my comfort zone. I'm much more relaxed now and in control of what I want and need. "

Harriet - Investment Director 

Join me today. Play big. Go all in. Be Courageous and create an extraordinary life and career.