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And let's create that unshakable inner confidence and self belief so you can move beyond self doubt, find your voice and unlock the potential within you that will enable you have a bigger impact and work with more joy and abundance.  


Shall we do this? 

If you're an ambitious coach, who is tired of the fear and self doubt holding you back in your business and you're ready step into your untapped potential with greater inner confidence and self belief, then you're in the right place. 

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I See You Over There

You're an ambitious coach who left a thriving corporate career to focus on growing a business from a place of passion and purpose. don't feel like you have the success you 'should' have by now. 

People tell you 'you're an inspiration' and 'you must be so proud of all that you've accomplished' but you don't feel that way.

You don't speak about your business with absolute pride and confidence because you're worried what people might think of you.  

You've never let go of your back up plan to go back to your corporate career and if you're honest with yourself it's because you're afraid of failing. 

You struggle to express what it is you do, you lack focus and dart between the next shiny object and when you look around at other coaches claiming 6 and 7 figure results you feel like a fraud.  

Logically you know they don't have anything you don't, and this just leaves you feeling even more frustrated.

You know you have the potential to achieve similar results, and it's not just about the results for you. What you also need is more joy, ease, inner peace. You know it's all inside of you, you're just not sure how to unlock it.  

Well, you're in the right place. 

It's all there for the taking...

You've only discovered a fraction of your potential.

Look at what you've achieved already, really look, and imagine what's possible for you without the fear and doubt you're carrying. Here's what's available to you

  1. The unshakable inner confidence and self belief that you NEED to build a thriving business.
  2. The power to use your authentic voice to speak up, stand out and stand up in your business.
  3. Feeling like a high achieving leader again and showing up with influence to have a bigger impact in the world. 
  4. Having laser focus clarity and feeling empowered to take courageous action that will reignite your passion in business. 
  5. More joy, inner peace and emotional wellbeing that comes from a deep sense of self belief and acceptance. 

All of this is possible when we work from the inside out, healing beliefs that have become fractured and releasing emotion that is sabotaging your success.

My coaching is intuitive, heart centred, soul led and deeply transformational. 

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My Unique T.R.A.N.S.F.O.R.M™ Approach

Using my unique T.R.A.N.S.F.O.R.M™ Approach to coaching expertly developed from over 10 years of coaching experience, we will work across multiple layers of conscious and unconscious thoughts, feelings, behaviours and strategies to bring you a deep sense of inner confidence and self belief, that enables you to go all in on your business, and use your voice to create a bigger impact in the world. 

Many other coaches focus solely on mindset. My approach to coaching goes beyond mindset, inviting in all your life experiences and emotional challenges, to really enable you to discover and step into your untapped potential, ultimately bringing you more joy and abundance. 

We'll do that working through 3 key phases.

Discover your unique, untapped potential and what could be holding you back from thriving in business and feeling truly successful and fulfilled

As a result you will...

 - Finally understand what's been holding you back in life and business.

 - Identify unhelpful patterns that undermine your inner confidence and inhibit your success

 - Know what is truly important to you and what you need to feel fulfilled.

 - Understand what needs to change so you can increase your impact and feel more joy and abundance.

 - Feel truly seen, heard and understood and know that you can fully enjoy your life and work

Let go of what is keeping you from fully believing in yourself and claiming your authentic voice.

As a result you will....

 - Feel free from unhelpful and unhealthy emotions that weigh you down.

 - Feel empowered with a strong sense of belief, trust and love for yourself.

 - Have an unshakable sense of inner confidence that enables you take courageous action

 - Be able to trust your decisions and focus with absolute clarity on what's important for you

 - Feel free to step into your potential knowing that you are resourceful, capable and worthy.

Take courageous action to amplify your voice so you can speak up, stand out and stand up in your business, lead with impact and revel in the joy and abundance you're creating.

As a result you will....

 - Be clear on who you are, what you want and how you bring all of that to your work

 - Have crystal clarity about your the direction you're going in, your plans and next steps.

 - Have the inner confidence and inner peace to be vulnerable and seek the support you need

 - Feel empowered to play bigger, speak louder and claim your space with confidence. 

 - Be connected to your meaning and purpose and full of energy for the next chapter of your work. 

Choose from 2 ways of working with me. An intensive 60 day experience or go VIP and partner with me for 6 months. 


Work with me 1:1 over 60 days to rapidly transform your inner confidence, overcome limiting beliefs and release negative emotions so you can be free to live beyond self doubt, find your voice,  step into your full potential and finally have the impact that you want to have in the world. 

What You'll Get Over The 60 Days

PHASE 1 - DISCOVERY: Transformation starts before you've even had your first session with my discovery and reflection audit. We'll then move into the 1 hour Discovery session where we uncover your hidden potential, explore what's possible for you, clarify your goals and define what's getting in the way of your business growth.

PHASE 2 - BREAKTHROUGH: Once we've got clear on the results you're looking for, I'll draw from my extensive toolkit of transformational coaching techniques and approaches and facilitate 2x 1 hour deeply transformational session. 

These can include approaches from Transactional Analysis, Cognitive Behavioural Coaching, Neurolinguistic Programming and Relational Coaching and can include specialised techniques such as Hypnosis, HeartHealing™ and Timeline Therapy. 

PHASE 3- AMPLIFY: Having worked through multiple levels of conscious and unconscious thoughts, feelings, beliefs and strategies it's time to explore what you now need to step into your full potential and grow a thriving business. So this 1 hour session is all about looking at what's possible, what's next and how you'll achieve that.

Included in this package is...

1 x 1 Hour "Discovery" Session to uncover your hidden potential

2 x 1 Hour Bespoke "Breakthrough" Transformational Coaching Sessions to heal fractured beliefs and release unresolved emotions, redefine life scripts and breakthrough your hidden blocks.

1 x 1 Hour "Amplify" Session to design your new strategies, habits and behaviours to grow your thriving business. 

1 x Personalised Transformation Recording to embed your Transformation

Accelerator activities to do between coaching sessions to advance and support your learning

Access to me for support throughout the programme



Upgrade the package above by extending your time with me over 6 months for enhanced support and transformation.

You'll get all of the transformation of the above package, as well as more time to focus on your business and be supported throughout the 6 months. 

Clients who typically invest in this package are lonely in business and miss having the support of a team around them. They want someone who cares about their business, their results and their progress.

This package helps you with your inner confidence and self belief, whilst also having someone (me!) who cares deeply about you and your continued growth and success. 

Included in this package is....

1 x Discovery and Reflection Audit

1 x 1 Hour "DISCOVERY" Session to uncover your hidden potential

A total of 6 Transformational Coaching Sessions combining both BREAKTHROUGH and AMPLIFY sessions. "BREAKTHROUGH" sessions are designed to heal fractured beliefs and release unresolved emotions, redefine life scripts and breakthrough your hidden blocks. "AMPLIFY" sessions are action focused, looking at strategies, habits and behaviours to grow your thriving business.

Up to 2 Personalised Transformation Recording to embed your Transformation

Accelerator activities to do between coaching sessions to advance and support your learning

Access to me for support throughout the programme



Why Work With Me?

There's a lot of coaches out there so what makes working with me unique? 

  1. I know coaches. I've worked all over the world as a transformational coach since 2009 and I've been training and supervising coaches since 2015. I know the emotional challenges and pressures that come with being a leader, running a coaching business and supporting clients. 
  2. Bring all your lived experience. I create safe spaces and welcome all experiences and emotional challenges. As a trauma informed and sensitive coach I have the capacity, skill and openness to explore anything that feels relevant to what you are aiming to achieve. 
  3. Multiple levels. My work explores multiple levels and layers of growth. Many coaches focus solely on mindset, but I work with both your conscious and unconscious mind to explore your thoughts, feelings, strategies and behaviours to bring you change from the root cause. 
  4. Personalised coaching journeys. Every client is different so every coaching journey is different. I adapt and refine my approach to suit your needs. I draw from a range of coaching methodologies and techniques to ensure that you get the long lasting results you're looking for.
  5. I know that you are an incredible, talented leader in your field. Other people tell you this too. My role is to help you to see yourself as others see you, to step into the leader you already are and to discover all that untapped potential that will enable you to have a bigger impact in the world with more inner confidence, self belief and emotional freedom. 

Results you can expect

Here's a round up of the typical results you can expect from working with me

  • Greater confidence and self belief to use your authentic voice to be more visible in your business this can lead to a clearer marketing message, consistency showing up online and being braver in your approach to sales. 
  • An ability to hold boundaries, be assertive and ensure your needs are met. Coaching is a very giving profession and you need to keep your cup topped up too. 
  • Freedom from self doubt, anxiety and a harsh inner critic that up until now has been an exhausting part of who you are and how you show up in the world. This leads to business growth through more compelling marketing and sales. When you believe in yourself, prospective clients believe in you too. 
  • Momentum, energy and drive - the ability to focus and not get distracted by the next shiny object, that ultimately is a form of self sabotage from fear. Consistency in business essential to build a business that thrives. 
  • A reconnection to your passion and purpose, feeling invigorated for the work that you're doing. Working from a place of passion inspires prospective clients. 
  • Wellbeing, calm and ease that comes from releasing unhelpful emotions that hold you in behaviours, thoughts and habits that do not serve you.
  • Growth in your business through your fearless leadership, courageous action and freedom to play big.

Are you ready dive deep into your inner world to discover, breakthrough and amplify your potential?


Work with me 1:1 over 60 days to rapidly transform your mindset, overcome limiting beliefs and release negative emotions so you can be free to live beyond self doubt, step into your full potential and build your thriving business.

Ready to make a bigger impact in the world? This will be unlike any coaching you've had before.



Work with me 1:1 over 6 months to find the clarity you need and become laser focused on your business whilst simultaneously freeing your authentic, whole self to develop the inner confidence and self belief you needful your business.  

Invest in yourself,  reignite your passion.and have the impact in the world you've always wanted to. 


Hear From My Clients 

Following the breakdown of a business relationship, I was consumed with anger and unable to move forward, always comparing myself to the competition and really struggling to find my own narrative. 

Coaching was best business decision I've made. Your mind is your most powerful tool, and Zoe has an unbelievable understanding of how your brain learns, and how you can change what influences it. 

Working through emotions on a subconscious level has helped me remove negative blockages, and has given me a new lease of life with incredible clarity, both in my professional life and personal.

I'm finally feel free to be myself and follow my passion

After a difficult time personally my confidence and self belief was at a low.  I was stuck and unable to move forward with my business ideas. I was so frustrated and full of self doubt. 

Working with Zoe gave me instant clarity about what I needed to do. I think deep down I'd always known what I wanted but I lacked the self belief and to make it happen. 

I have a sense of peace that I haven't had for many years, I feel like myself again and am full speed ahead with by business plans.

The way Zoe works is magical, I can't tell you exactly what she does, I just know that it's profound. 

After years of therapy for anxiety and panic attacks I'd been told by my therapists that I'd have to learn to live with it, but I was determined to find another way so I could fully enjoy my life and my work.

Zoe believed in me. She challenged me to change my thinking and showed me that I could choose how to live my life and finally helped me overcome my anxiety through her coaching. 

This has literally changed my life. I went from having daily panic attacks to none and with my new found confidence I've been able to own my needs and design my work and life to suit me.

I feel more confident and capable than ever before and am so happy I found Zoe!