Hi I'm Zoe

Multi Award Nominated, Master Accredited Coach, Coach, Trainer, Coach Supervisor and all round Transformational Coaching Nerd, on a mission to help coaches be successful and create a ripple effect in the world.

Let's overcome that self doubt to unlock the unshakable inner confidence and self belief that's needed to create the impact the world needs. 


You Matter. 

You came to coaching to make a difference in the world. You left your high flying corporate career with passion in your heart ready to make an impact. And you're doing it, you just want more. 

I get it. That was me. And now I want to help you.

As a transformational coach and someone who trains coaches every day, I see phenomenal leaders and coaches holding themselves back because of a lack of self belief and inner confidence.

And what the world needs now is enlightened leaders, ready to take on the complex challenges the world faces with more compassion, a longer term vision, collaboration over competition. Focus, determination, tenacity - everything we know coaching can offer. 

And the impact we can have collectively is so much bigger than what we can achieve alone. 

So when I see incredible coaches, leaders and mentors holding back, playing small, racked with insecurity about their worth, I know it's my calling to share my 10+ years of experience to help them free themselves them from the shackles of self doubt.

This is the only way to reach more people, serve more clients and have the collective impact we all want to have.


My Journey

I always knew I'd have my own business one day. 

Freedom runs through my blood. I'm that child that always wanted to have their own way, that was fiercely independent and single minded. 

As an academic child, my path was set, GCSE's, A-LEVEL's, University - I sailed through and achieved top grades throughout. But I was savvy. I chose subjects I knew I'd excel in, even if this meant not doing something I enjoyed more. With the exception of French....but that's another story. 

I was a typical high achiever. Play it safe, do not fail.

Failure just wasn't something I was used to. And, avoiding negative emotions was my second pitfall. 

I didn't know what to do with them, and that fierce independent child inside of me, didn't like to ask for help. Ever. 

I left Uni and started to climb the corporate ladder, enjoying a successful career in HR, but always felt like my shy, awkward inner child. I never fully realised my potential in corporate life, and was always felt a bit of a misfit, like everyone else somehow knew what they were doing, or how to 'be'.

So in 2009 I trained as a coach, following my heart and desire to help others. Then in 2011, pregnant with my first child, my window opened up to leave corporate life behind and I co- founded "In Good Company" with my friend and Business Partner Jo Wheatley. With our Leadership Development and Coaching Training business, my journey of entrepreneurship and self discovery really began. 

So, like you, I left my Corporate Career as a High Achieving leader, but, it took me 7 years to build a thriving coaching business.

I had lots of success in that time, but I never FELT successful. 

The success I had felt like luck, and I didn't feel like I had any control or influence over the work that came in. 

I was doing so many things wrong: 

  • I hadn't created any visibility of who I was or what my business was about
  • I had no real strategies in place for marketing or sales
  • I wasn't investing in my business and it's development
  • I had no focus and flitted from one idea to the next
  • I lacked commitment, clarity and ultimately self belief and inner confidence. 

Let's take that further. You know what else was going on? 

  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of being judged
  • Inability to be vulnerable and ask for help
  • Self doubt and a lack of faith and trust in myself

My work filled me with passion and yet I still felt empty. That wasn't my plan! I wanted it all. 

I was a smart woman, who studied business at University yet I couldn't apply any of what I'd known to my own business because of my invisible blocks. 

I felt frustrated, de-skilled and not enough, and I didn't enjoy those days where the work was scarce. 

I told myself 'I could always go back to my corporate job', but equally I'd outgrown the corporate world, and loved helping others through my business. 

And the reality was, my business was a success. I just couldn't see it, and I didn't have the growth mindset that enabled me to learn, adapt and apply what I was learning to grow myself and my business further. 

Then I found out I was expecting my 3rd child, and everything changed. 

So What Happened?

With the news that I was expecting my 3rd child, it was time for Jo do something else and I stared failure in the face. 

  • Was it time to fold the business? 
  • Wouldn't it be a lot simpler to just go back to work? 
  • How would I juggle the demands of 3 children and a feast/famine style business? 
  • Did I have in it me, or had I been kidding myself all these years? 

I browsed job adverts, even attended an interview heavily pregnant and considered opening a shop! I had steered totally away from my values. I was lost.

After taking some time out to reflect, I took radical action. I finally went all in on my business. 

  • I launched zoe-hawkins.com, originally focusing on helping leaders with their confidence. 
  • I invested in my own mindset and finally tacked those feelings of self doubt and being an imposter. 
  • I invested in business courses to help me launch online programs. 
  • I invested in my coaching skills to re-invigorate my love of my work. 
  • I found my courage

Now it was different. I was different. 

  • I was bold
  • I was visible
  • I had found my voice
  • I had a mission
  • I felt unstoppable

Within 2 years Jo was back and In Good Company was re-invigorated turning over multiple six figures with a sustainable, predictable business model.  

Why Does This Matter To You?

It is possible to have it all. 

You can have a thriving business, make an impact in the world and enjoy inner confidence, self belief and your emotional wellbeing. 

You just have to take that leap of faith and invest in yourself. 

You're a coach. You're a leader. You're a changemaker.

You know it's time.