Hi I'm Zoe

Best Selling Author of "Deciding to Coach", Co-Host of the Number 1 Podcast "The Coaching Crowd", Founder of "The Emotions Coaching Practitioner Training", Multi Award Nominated, Master Accredited Coach, Coach, Trainer, Coach Supervisor and all round Transformational Coaching Nerd, on a mission to help leaders create a ripple effect in the world.

Let's lead with impact, influence and conviction whilst taking care of ourselves, our wellbeing and our needs.

Let's role model what it's like to live a life where success is possible in all areas of life. 


Make it Matter

When you spend the majority of your week at work it's important to make it matter.

Feeling and being successful is important to you, and you need it to be meaningful. You want to have an impact in the world and make a positive difference.

As a Transformational Leadership Coach I know that behind every leader is a human just trying to be happy and create a life they love all whilst making a difference. And that's where I come in.

Because leadership isn't simple.

  • Sometimes you lose your way
  • Often you're exhausted
  • It can be an emotional rollercoaster
  • You might have challenges that you feel ill equipped for
  • Or maybe you feel like you're not quite fulfilling your potential.

Whatever your leadership challenge or goal, one thing is certain - you want it to be extraordinary. Full of joy, love, success, wealth, happiness - you name it. 

And the world needs you now more than ever.

We need extraordinary, enlightened leaders, ready to take on the complex challenges the world faces with more compassion, a longer term vision, collaboration over competition. Focus, determination, tenacity - everything I know coaching can offer. 

And in a nutshell that's why I work with leaders. To help them to develop the Impact, Influence and Conviction they need to make a difference.

Leaders like you are using your gifts and talents to serve through leadership and role model courage and compassion in all that you do. You are empowering a future generation of leaders, who are ready to lead from the heart in all the complexities of our world. Together we can do so much more

My Journey

I loved my corporate job but I always knew I'd have my own business one day. 

Freedom runs through my blood. I'm that child that always wanted to have their own way, that was fiercely independent and single minded. 

As an academic child, my path was set; GCSE's, A-LEVEL's, University - I sailed through and achieved top grades throughout. But I was savvy. I chose subjects I knew I'd excel in, even if this meant not doing something I enjoyed more. With the exception of French....but that's another story. 

I was a typical high achiever. Play it safe, do not fail.

Failure just wasn't something I was used to and that fierce independent child inside of me, didn't like to ask for help. Ever. 

I left Uni and started to climb the corporate ladder, enjoying a successful career in Global HR, but I always felt like my shy, awkward inner child.

I thought influence and impact was about power and ego, and I didn't want that. 

I held back, doubted myself, set my sights low and despite the success I had, I never really FELT successful. 

In 2009 I trained as a coach, following my heart and desire to help others. Then in 2011, pregnant with my first child I co- founded "In Good Company" with my friend and Business Partner Jo Wheatley. With our Leadership Development and Coaching Training business, my journey of entrepreneurship and self discovery really began. 

I left my Corporate Career as a High Achieving leader, but, it took me another 7 years to really find my impact and influence.  

I was doing so many things wrong: 

  • I was risk averse, missing the courage to set my sights high
  • I feared the judgement of others so rarely shouted about my business
  • I struggled to make decisions, lacked focus and flitted from one idea to the next
  • I feared failure so held back from going all in
  • That stubborn inner child still refused to ask for any help
  • Ultimately I lacked inner confidence and self belief to truely have the impact I craved. 

I felt frustrated, de-skilled and not enough. And the reality was, my business was a success. I just couldn't see it, as I didn't have the growth mindset that enabled me to learn, adapt and apply what I was learning to grow myself and my business further. 

Then I found out I was expecting my 3rd child, and everything changed. 

I Stared Failure in the Face.

With the news that I was expecting my 3rd child, it was time for Jo do something else and I stared failure in the face

  • Was it time to fold the business? 
  • Wouldn't it be a lot simpler to just go back to work? 
  • How would I juggle the demands of 3 children and a feast/famine style business? 
  • Did I have in it me, or had I been kidding myself all these years? 

I browsed job adverts, even attended an interview heavily pregnant and considered opening a shop! I had steered totally away from my values. I was lost.

After taking some time out to reflect, I took radical action. I finally went all in on my business. 

  • I launched zoe-hawkins.com, originally focusing on helping leaders with their confidence. 
  • I invested in my own mindset and finally tacked those feelings of self doubt and being an imposter. 
  • I invested in business courses to help me launch online programs. 
  • I invested in my coaching skills to re-invigorate my love of my work. 
  • I found my courage

Now it was different. I was different. 

  • I was bold
  • I was visible
  • I had found my voice
  • I had a mission
  • I felt unstoppable

Within 2 years Jo was back and In Good Company was re-invigorated turning over multiple six figures with a sustainable, predictable business model.  

And Here's What I Learned - Play Bigger, Bolder and Braver. 

There is no confidence without courage.

You can't get anywhere when you hide behind the convenient stories we tell ourselves that keep us safe.

I, and you, have wounds to heal around betrayal, trust, self love, self worth, self belief. You name it, there are hidden gremlins at work within us all.

And they slow us right down. They keep us playing small.

But beauty and power is born from deciding it is time to play bigger, bolder and braver.

I knew I had it in me.

I chose to listen to that whisper.

And as I tuned into that voice it grew stronger, louder and more dominant.

With the help of my coaches I learnt to play big and today I impact thousands of people each week through the work that I do.

Impact and Influence is not about power and ego. It's about having a clear purpose, the ability to connect deeply with others, the courage to aim high and the currency to believe in yourself and advocate for your needs. 

Extraordinary leadership creates an extraordinary life.

You just need to decide it's time. Tune into that whisper and invest in making it louder.