Hi I'm Zoe

I'm a Courageous Leadership Coach.

I help ambitious coaches and leaders move beyond self doubt to build the inner confidence and self belief it takes to live life with more joy and have a bigger impact in the world.


Are you an ambitious coach or leader who feels like you're capable of so much more?

I can help you to build unshakable inner confidence and self belief, overcoming that self doubt that keeps you stuck, confused, anxious and playing small. 

Does any of this sound like you?

You're an ambitious coach or leader, a classic "high achiever" but you don't FEEL it. 

Your deepest fears include failing, being judged by others and not being good enough, which you know is ridiculous but the thoughts still plague you. 

You're confused a lot of the time and question if you're on the right path. Your internal critic is on overdrive and you're tired of the anxiety and overwhelm.

You compare yourself to others and get distracted by your peers. You ask...do I measure up? 

You know there's more within you, more potential, more growth, more success, but you're not sure how to unlock it. It's frustrating, and quite frankly you're tired of it. 

Your self doubt erodes the fun. You came into this work with passion and purpose in your heart. You're tired of questioning yourself, of feeling anxious and overwhelmed.

You want it to feel easier and be more joyful, you want to fully believe in yourself - and the good news is - you can. 

I get it! 

I was that corporate leader. To the outside I was a successful, high achieving leader. But on the inside I was socially awkward and full of self doubt. 

I left the corporate world to set up my coaching business and it took me 7 years to build a sustainable coaching business.   

I was used to being a high achiever and I didn't like feeling de-skilled. I didn't recognise the success I had because I was more focused on what I hadn't achieved.

Self doubt, fear of failing and a fear of being judged by others paralysed me for years in the corporate space and as a business owner. It also took the joy from the work I so loved to do. 

But I turned all that around. And you can too

You don't have to struggle with self doubt. You can enjoy unshakable inner confidence and self belief and become the fearless, talented and courageous leader that you are.

Want to learn more about how I did this? Join me on my ABOUT page by clicking below. 



  • Being free from the fear of being judged by others
  • Being wholly confident in your goals and aspirations, really believing you can achieve what you desire. 
  • Being free from self doubt and instead show up as your authentic, whole self.
  • Having the inner confidence and self belief to trust your decisions and use your voice to speak up and truly empower others. 
  • Confidently taking risks without the fear of failure and embarrassment getting in your way.
  • Reconnecting and fully enjoying your work again, knowing that you're working 'on purpose' and creating the life you always dreamed of.
  • Having such focus and clarity in your work that you never falter from your commitments and take decisive action every day. 

This is exactly what we achieve through my T.R.A.N.S.F.O.R.M Approach to Coaching



Rapid transformation for coaches and leaders who want to overcome the self doubt that is blocking confidence and clarity in business or career.



Courageous Coaching for the Coach or Leader who is ready for unrivalled personal, professional and emotional growth in their career or business




Thinking space for the Extraordinary Executive Leader who worries too much and needs to carve time for their wellbeing.


Work With Me

This is coaching for the ambitious coach or leader, who is ready to take a look inside of themselves and develop authentic inner confidence and self belief that will enable them to have an even bigger impact in the world.

If that sounds like you then take a look at how we can work together.