Hi I'm Zoe

I'm a Courageous Leadership Coach, enabling ambitious leaders and founders to lead with impact, influence and conviction whilst balancing your needs for inner peace and wellbeing.


Do you want to be an Extraordinary Leader? Leading with impact, influence and conviction?

Do you want to do that whilst also enjoying inner peace and wellbeing? 

As your coach I support you to balance your needs for drive and ambition, with your desire to fully enjoy life and all that it has to offer. Extraordinary leadership is about leading in all areas of your life.

Does any of this sound like you?

You're an ambitious founder or leader, with a desire to lead with impact, influence and conviction in your ideas, opinions and strategies.  

You love striving forward and achieving, but it can come at a cost to your wellbeing, and it's time for that to change. You want to fully enjoy life! 

You came into this work with passion and purpose in your heart and you want to keep that fire burning into the next chapter of your career. You're ready to explore what's next for you.

Drive, ambition and purpose run through your veins, you can't imagine being without that, and that's what's stopped you prioritising yourself so far. 

You feel called to make some changes to the way you work, the way you think and how you experience the world, so you can get on with doing what you do best - without sacrificing your own needs to achieve it. 

This isn't about changing who you are, it's about stepping up and owning the extraordinary leader you are, and moving forward with impact, influence and conviction. 

Why work with me? 

I've been running my coaching business since 2011 and today co-own a global, triple accredited coaching training business. I'm also a Best Selling Author of "Deciding to Coach" and host of the number 1 podcast "The Coaching Crowd". I'm a Multi Award Nominated, Master Accredited Leadership Coach and love working with people like you. 

I left the corporate world to pursue my passion for coaching and have learnt to live life in alignment with my values, all whilst fulfilling my needs for achievement, drive and success. 

I've balanced bringing up my 3 young children, with growing an international business and making sure I enjoy the journey. 

Over the years I've pivoted directions, broken through income plateaus, and grown both personally and professionally in my pursuit of a life well lived. 

I believe that true success is about aligning all your desires for achievement, growth and ambition, with your wellbeing.

Leading with a full heart, takes courage and vulnerability. Impact and influence come from authenticity. Are you ready for more?



  • Having the confidence and conviction in your ideas and opinions to take decisive action.
  • Being able to set, bold, courageous goals knowing that you don't have to sacrifice your wellbeing to achieve them.
  • Being and feeling like an extraordinary leader, knowing that you are making a difference and having an impact.
  • Creating a better balance in your life between all of the things that are important to you because true success is about your whole life experience. 
  • Knowing yourself so well that decision making and goal setting is easy and enjoyable
  • Feeling an inner confidence that enables you to show up as your authentic, whole self and create powerful connections and relationships with people across your network.
  • Having the inner confidence and self belief to trust your decisions and use your voice to speak up and truly empower others. 
  • Connecting to your courage and confidently taking risks that excite and ignite your energy.
  • Reconnecting to purpose and passion and fully enjoying your work, knowing that you're working 'on purpose' and creating the life you dream of.
  • Having such focus and clarity in your work that you never falter from your commitments and take decisive action every day. 

These are the results that my clients share having worked with me and my  T.R.A.N.S.F.O.R.M Approach to Coaching



Rapid results for the confused and overwhelmed leader who wants the clarity to make a confident decision about their career or next steps.   



Courageous Coaching for the ambitious Leader who is ready to embrace the Extraordinary and balance their needs to enjoy success in all areas of life. 



Thinking space for the Extraordinary Leader who wants to carve time for strategic thinking, wellbeing and thought partnership.


Work With Me

This is coaching for the ambitious founder or leader, who is ready to lead with impact, influence and conviction.

Enjoy success in all areas of life and be Extraordinary. 

If that sounds like you then take a look at how we can work together.