Just be extraordinary

At the summit of your career, you don't need actions, you need a thinking space.

A place where all your emotions can be held, and processed, without judgement.

You need someone to bounce your thoughts around with and help you to calm your inner world, so you can get on with being extraordinary. 


This is for you if

You're a Founder, CEO or Senior Leader, with a big remit and busy life.

You need SPACE

Your mind is full, your emotions volatile, your life is crammed and you need to carve time to breathe, think clearly and reconnect. 

This isn't your typical coaching. It's a supportive, enriching, nourishing thinking space to recharge your soul. 


What's Included?


Executive leadership is busy, and often lonely. 

You got to where you are because you're amazing at what you do. You have perseverance and determination. You live life in the fast lane. When you're asked how you are, the default answer is busy.

You don't need coaching to figure out what more to DO. You need space to BE.

To think.

To breathe.

To recharge.

So you can stay focused on doing what you do best.

What I do best is create space, free from judgement, to help you recalibrate and work through whatever is on your mind at the time.

I believe it's what every executive leader needs for their wellbeing.

What You'll Get In This Package 

1 x Executive Orientation Review to complete and kick start the coaching

Up to 12 hours of facilitated "Thinking Space" spread across 6-9 months as a space to....

Reflect on events that have happened

Process emotions and thoughts to create head space

Learn from actions and interactions

Gain perspective on situations and events

Build self awareness

Think strategically

Overcome blocks or sabotage behaviours as they arise

Receive feedback and challenge from me on how I perceive and experience you to help you in your role

Access to me throughout the programme by email including reasonable 'on demand' micro coaching session of 15-20 minutes for unexpected/pivotal moments.

This is a deeply transformational space, that enables you to balance your thoughts, emotions and actions. As you take care of your wellbeing, you develop the clarity of mind and energy that means you can focus on what you do best. 

PAY IN FULL £10,000
From Zoe:

"Thinking space is sanctuary for the soul. It resets everything, and is pivotal to every Executives mental health."


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Here's what previous clients have shared

"These sessions are so important to my growth and career. I know I can bring anything to coaching - work, personal, emotional, whatever I need, and I will walk away feeling lighter"

Padraig - VP Engineering

"Coaching was so valuable, it gave space to make decisions for me and the business. I now appreciate how valuable it is to reflect in leadership, for the benefit of me and others"

Kate - Programme Director

"Where else can I go where I will be listened to without criticism and where my agenda is the only one. I've learnt so much about myself, and others in the time I've been working with Zoe, it's incredible what a little head space can do!"

Rich - COO

Create the space you need to carry on being extraordinary.