How you leave people feeling is your signature as a leader.

Currency is the extent to which you know your worth and encourage others to feel the same. 

Currency enables you to set healthy boundaries and role model this to others, meaning that you influence people through your behaviours and actions. 

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What is Currency when it comes to Influential Leadership?

The Currency Leadership Dimension is all about to what extent you know your worth and value and use this to inspire others to recognise their own worth and value too. How you leave people feeling is your signature as a leader. When you’re secure in your own skin you're more able to lead with compassion and courage. When you have nothing to prove you lead beyond winning and losing. Your leadership becomes about the mission and the positive legacy you can leave in the world.

The Currency Checklist

  • You say no and hold boundaries which helps you to stay focused on the work you're there to do. 
  • You enjoy fulfilment in many areas of life and balance your commitments at work with life beyond it. 
  • You own your needs, speaking up for what you want and need and asking for help or support as required.  
  • Your sense of self worth isn't tied to your success at work. You know who you are beyond your work and your results don't dictate how you feel about yourself. 
  • You manage your wellbeing and give priority to your self care knowing that if you don't show up for yourself you won't be able to show up for others.
  • You celebrate your achievements and give yourself credit for the work that you do. You feel proud of what you have achieved. 
  • You practice self compassion if and when you make a mistake. You recognise you're not flawless.
  • You're openminded and willing to learn

How does Currency influence my Leadership?

Some of the most influential leaders are those who know they have nothing to prove. They're not TRYING to influence people, they just are. 

Being secure in who you are gives you the confidence to try new things, to be creative in how you approach dilemmas or challenges. 

You don't need results to prove your worth and so when you're focused on getting the results it's because the work matters. 

The energy you bring to you leadership is welcoming and open hearted, not driven by power or ego. 

Self worth inspires others to believe in themselves too and when people believe that they can and they're worth it they are focused, engaged, dedicated and in flow. The ripple effect of that kind of energy goes a very long way. 

Currency reduces conflict because you don't take things personally and you help others to see different more helpful perspectives too. 

When teams and workplaces are calm and cooperative, they're more proactive, relationships are stronger and commitment is unfaltering, especially when you're leading with the Connection Dimension too. 

Currency means you will ask for what you need. Maybe that's resources, perhaps it's your next opportunity. You don't sit and wait to be tapped on the shoulder or invited to step up. You own your career journey and recognise when you're ready. 

And you're also humble and open minded. You invite feedback because you're committed to learning. Whilst you believe in yourself and back yourself, you also know that you're not the only voice that matters and you give time and space to other voices too. 

Currency is advocacy for yourself and others, not arrogance. The difference is where it's coming from. And when that comes from a deep acceptance for yourself and others it's inspiring. 

How can I develop my Currency? 

  • Start by taking a look at your boundaries. Do you say yes when you mean no? Are you comfortable pushing back? Where can you refresh your boundaries and practice these?
  • Do you criticise yourself? Often we are our own worst critic. Start to pay attention to how you speak to yourself and challenge yourself to be kinder and more compassionate. There is nothing to be gained from treating yourself poorly. 
  • Are you withholding any needs? Would you like to ask for a pay rise, more team members, a bigger budget but haven't spoken up? If not why not? What's in the way for you? Think about what would need to happen in order for you to advocate for your needs and challenge yourself to have 'the' conversation. 
  • What's your work/life balance like? Are you getting it right? Is it healthy for you? If not, why not? What's in the way? Is it as simple as reinforcing a boundary, or do you notice unhelpful emotions coming up when you try to address this? If so what are those emotions and what can you learn from them? 
  • Challenge yourself to a week where you make better choices for yourself and your self care. What would this look like/be like? 
  • Take time to list out all the achievements you have accomplished in your recent career. Did you celebrate them? If not why not? Take time to reflect on those achievements and find a way to congratulate and celebrate yourself.
  • Reach out for feedback from colleagues and peers. Ask for their opinions on your strengths and growth areas. Notice how you respond to their feedback - does any of it lead you to feel uncomfortable? Do you notice yourself getting defensive? If so - how come? What's this about for you?
  • In my experience as a coach and leader I would say that 99% of the population have some unhelpful and unhealthy beliefs about their worth and value that affect how they lead. 

Recognise any of these?

  • I'm not good enough
  • I'm not important
  • I don't belong
  • I can't trust myself

These are just a few but the list is long. 

Our beliefs are important because we act as if they are true. Coaching enables you to develop empowering beliefs that support you in your career pursuits and also inspire others. 

If you feel ready to build your currency as a leader then get in touch using the button below. It'll take you to the contact form where you can send me a message and if you want a call let's get a date in the diary. 

"Leaders that feel worthy and valuable inspire others to feel worthy and valuable. That's how we need our future generation of leaders to feel and be. That's the impact"


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