Get clarity and T.R.A.N.S.F.O.R.M™️ your Inner Confidence

When we're unclear what we want from our career/business and struggling to make important decisions, it's hard to feel confident about anything!

Join me inside this powerful 60 day coaching programme so you can build clarity, make decisions with confidence and move forward with your goals


This is for you if

You're unclear, uncertain or confused about what's next for you in your career or business.

You Want....

To be able to make important decisions in your career with confidence and conviction. You're tired of the sound of your self doubt! 

If you're struggling in more than one area of your confidence or self belief - you need my Courageous Leadership Package

What's Included?


Work with me 1:1 over 60 days to rapidly gain the clarity you need to be able to move confidently forward with your goals.  

What You'll Get Over The 60 Days

PHASE 1 - DISCOVERY: Transformation starts before you've even had your first session with my discovery and reflection audit. We'll then move into the 1 hour DISCOVERY session where we explore what's important for you, what's getting in the way and clarify your goals for the coaching programme.

PHASE 2 - BREAKTHROUGH: I'll draw from my extensive toolkit of transformational coaching techniques and approaches and facilitate 2 x 1 hour deeply transformational coaching sessions so you are clear on your values, your needs and how to get these met. We'll work though limiting beliefs and unresolved emotions so you can be free to be your confident, authentic self. 

These sessions can include approaches from Transactional Analysis, Cognitive Behavioural Coaching, Neurolinguistic Programming and Relational Coaching and can include specialised techniques such as Hypnosis, HeartHealing™ and Timeline Therapy. 

PHASE 3- AMPLIFY: Having worked through multiple levels of conscious and unconscious thoughts, feelings, beliefs and strategies it's time to plan what you'll do and how you'll do it so you achieve your goals. This 1 hour session is all about looking at what's possible, what's next and how you'll achieve that.

Included in this package is...

1 x 1 Hour "Discovery" Session to uncover your hidden potential

2 x 1 Hour Bespoke "Breakthrough" Transformational Coaching Sessions to heal fractured beliefs and release unresolved emotions, redefine life scripts and breakthrough your hidden blocks.

1 x 1 Hour "Amplify" Session to design your new strategies, habits and behaviours enabling you to confidently commit to your plans.

1 x Personalised Transformation Recording to embed your Transformation

Accelerator activities to do between coaching sessions to advance and support your learning

Access to me for support throughout the programme

From Zoe:

"We know when there's something deeper blocking our growth and progress. What makes the difference is having the courage to do something about it."


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Here's what previous clients have shared

"Before working with Zoe I was lost and confused in my career, doubting my expertise and what I would offer. Working with Zoe has bought me the clarity and self belief I need to move forward"

Emma - Professional Blogger and Coach

"Zoe helped me overcome something I'd been avoiding for a long time. I'm now free from overwhelm and fear, and am getting on with growing my business. I feel like me again. It's so liberating!"

Katie - Communications Director

"I hit a difficult patch at work that rocked my confidence and had me questioning what's next. I was anxious and couldn't sleep. Zoe helped me to find my old feisty, confident self. I'm now back, with boundaries (!) and excited for the future"

Sian - Marketing Director 


Join me today. This will be unlike any other coaching you may have had before